Super Bowl Specials With Foothills Meats

Are you ready for some football? It’s that time of year. Put on your face paint, don your team jersey and let’s get ready for the Super Bowl! Make your party one to remember with Foothills. We have a lot of delicious specials to take home.

How it works:

  1. See our Super Bowl price list and offerings below.

  2. Fill out the reservation form and select what you need.

  3. Meg, our retail manager, will confirm your reservation and send an email invoice so you can pay your deposit and our team will process your order.

  4. Your order is NOT confirmed until your pay your deposit. Filling out the reservation form below does not guarantee your order until your pay your deposit!

  5. Once your invoice is paid, your order will be available for pick-up at your favorite Butcher Bar location during our pick-up window between February 2-3, during normal business hours.

Foothills Famous Granny Rolls

Foothills Famous Granny Rolls

Super Bowl Specials

Starting Lineup: Pigs In A Blanket - our famous Foothills housemade ¼ size hot dogs rolled in puff pastry
$1.50 ea

Chorizo Cheese Dip - Foothills house chorizo sausage, beer cheese, salsa. Just add chips, crackers, or pretzels.  

Buffalo Chicken Dip - shredded chicken, buffalo sauce, cream cheese, Ranch dressing, shredded Colby-Monterey Jack cheese. Just add chips or crackers.

Crowdpleasing Deli Platter - Foothills deli ham, pastrami, bologna, cheese and house pickled veggies. Ready to assemble any way you want!
$25.00 for 1.5 lbs of deli meat and pickles and cheese
$45.00 for 3 lbs of deli meat and pickles and cheese

Half-Time Show Hot Dog Pack: An 8-pack of our famous housemade hot dogs, 8-pack of hotdog buns, and a pint of pool hall chili

Granny Rolls: Foothills famous Granny Rolls - ham, Swiss and Lusty Monk mustard on a Hawaiian roll smothered in poppyseed butter
$15 / dozen


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Housemade hot dogs

Housemade hot dogs

Don’t feel like hosting your own party and want to join the crowds instead? join us at Hi-Wire Brewing or Black Mountain Butcher Bar to watch Super Bowl LIII. Each location will feature classic Super Bowl bites, drink specials and more.