Foothills Easter Specials - Reserve Now

Spring has arrived, and reservations are now open for your Easter menu plans! In addition to our famous holiday hams and popular Granny’s Ham Rolls, we have a limited quantity of lamb.

How it works:

  1. See our Easter offering price list below.

  2. Fill out the reservation form and select what you need.

  3. Meg, our retail manager, will confirm your reservation, provide details, and send an email invoice so you can pay your deposit and our team will process your order.

  4. Your order is NOT confirmed until your pay your deposit. Filling out the reservation form below does not guarantee your order until your pay your deposit!

  5. Once your invoice is paid, your order will be available for pick-up at your favorite Butcher Bar location during our pick-up window between April 18-20, during normal business hours.

Foothills Famous Granny Rolls

Foothills Famous Granny Rolls

Foothills Easter Specials

Foothills Famous Holiday Ham - Foothills hams are famous for a reason. Our hams are locally sourced and carefully prepped by our butcher and kitchen team so your ham is ready for you and the family. Seasoned to perfection, juicy and delicious. Whole ham: ready to heat, slice and eat.
$12.99 / lb

Lamb Selections - Our spring lamb is sustainably raised from Laughing Water Farm in Marion, Virginia.
pricing varies / selection - reserve for details and to confirm your order

Granny Rolls: Foothills famous Granny Rolls - ham, Swiss and Lusty Monk mustard on a Hawaiian roll smothered in poppyseed butter. The perfect Easter lunch, just heat and enjoy!
$15 / dozen


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Rack of lamb

Rack of lamb

Want to go out for a casual Easter Dinner? Our butcher bars will be open and can accommodate parties up to 6 at a table or call ahead for special reservations.