Lunchables vs. Foothills Meats "Local"-ables

Lunchables are easy, quick, and have been a favorite among kids for years. But most Lunchables are based on some combination of fatty meat, cheese, and refined white flour, plus synthetic drinks and snacks. They are only considered a "better" alternative to most processed lunch products because of their small package size. 

But Foothills believes your kids deserve a better, healthier, more delicious, and much more well-rounded lunch.

The Facts About Lunchables

There are only 250 calories in one package serving of the Ham & Cheddar Cheese with Crackers Oscar Mayer Lunchable. Breaking that down even more, that package contains 46% fat, 33% carbs, and 22% protein. 

But this processed food is too high in fat and sodium for even the average 8-year-old's daily recommended intakes. This same Lunchable has at least half a day’s worth of saturated fat for your kiddo, and nearly an entire day’s worth of sodium. 

While yes, your kids will tell you they love Lunchables and that they taste great, they aren’t getting enough sustenance—or enough of the right type of sustenance—to support their active lifestyles. 

The Alternative: “Local”-ables from Foothills

Skip the processed meats and the stale crackers for a healthier and more sustainable alternative for your young ones that you can find right here every single day at Foothills Meats. 

Localables bring your family together, don’t break the budget, and leave your kids healthier and their stomachs fuller.

Choose from any of our simple, wholesome, and nutritious house-made and cured deli meats and pick up a pound of your favorite locally-made cheese. And don’t forget to grab our house-made pickles to replace those unhealthy cookies. Pair with crackers from local Roots & Branches, add a bento box or sectioned container, and you’re ready to make your own! A few minutes of food prep can create several “localable” boxes for the school week. 

Just one stop to our butcher bar in West Asheville or Black Mountain and your kids’ lunches are set. Make localables fun and interactive and have your kids. Ask them to help you assemble their deli sandwich or boxes in the morning when you’re getting them ready for school. This brings the family together, doesn’t break the budget, and leaves your kid healthier and their stomach fuller.

localable (1).jpg

And if you still want the convenience you get with Lunchables, we also offer pre-packaged localables occasionally at our butcher bar locations on weekends and for special events we participate in throughout the Asheville area. These are made with local, house-made meats from Foothills, including our deli ham and delicious summer sausage.

Teach your children that processed food should not be the norm. Just because some food is convenient doesn’t mean you, or your children, should eat it.