Switch Up Your Kids' Lunchbox with These 4 Simple Ideas

Are your kids tired of the same boring lunch day after day? Are they begging you for money to grab hot lunch instead of what you pack for them? Maybe it’s time you switched up their lunchbox for something much more nutritious and delicious. 

At Foothills Meats, we think our house-made and cured deli meats are out of this world—and your kids will probably think so, too. After all, we’ve been crafting honest meats for family members of all ages since 2002. Take a break from your usual with these four simple lunchbox ideas below.

Bologna and Swiss Cheese Sandwich


We all know that bologna and cheese is the perfect comfort food sandwich. Whether you’re a kid or you used to be a kid, you can’t forget how amazing the two work together between slices of bread. 

All you need to do is grab some house-made bologna and locally-made swiss cheese from Foothills, pair it with soft white bread, add a little bit of Lusty Monk mustard and your favorite mayo, and pack some of our house-made pickles on the side. Lunch = Done. Remember: You can easily order our Deli Lunch Box, which comes with three 1/2 pound packages of Foothills house-made and cured deli meats to make your lunch prep even easier.

To make this lunch one to remember, you can even fry the bologna and cheese sandwich before you package it up for your little ones. Just fry our fresh bologna in a pan with butter and lightly toast both sides of the bread to get that crunch just right.

Ham and Cheddar Cheese Roll-ups


There’s nothing much better than taking a bite into a ham and cheese sandwich, but getting the ham and cheese from your local butcher can make all the difference. Either order our Deli Lunch Box and pick it up at one of our butcher bar locations, or stop by when you’re in the area and grab everything you need to make these roll-ups.

First, lay out the wrap or tortilla of your choosing, layer slices of our house-made deli ham and locally-made cheddar cheese on top, add any lettuce, tomatoes, onions, or condiments, and wrap the tortilla tightly with all the delicious ingredients inside. Once rolled completely, cut the wrap into small roll-ups that make your kids’ lunches delicious and fun again. 

Foothills “Local”-ables


Skip the Lunchable and give your kids’ one of our popular Localables instead.

A few minutes of food prep can create several “localable” boxes for the school week, or you can grab our pre-made localables occasionally at our butcher bar locations on weekends and for special events we participate in throughout the Asheville area. 

Learn more about our Localables here.

Mac n’ Cheese with Hot Dogs


Kids already go crazy for mac n’ cheese, but the nutritional value of your standard box of Kraft is very low. Instead, take some time at the beginning of the week to make your own home-made mac n’ cheese. 

Just boil your kids’ favorite noodles, add in butter, milk, and locally-made cheese you can always quickly grab at either of our Foothills locations, and throw in a little something special—our house-made and always tasty hot dogs! While the pasta is cooking, you can prepare the hot dogs by slicing them up and cooking them over the stove-top. In less than 30 minutes, you have a fun, exciting, and wholesome lunch for your kids that definitely doesn’t break the bank.

Lunch should taste like this every day, and it can if you stick with Foothills, your local, neighborhood butcher bar.