What's In Our Meat CSA Share This Week? January 19th Edition

What's In Our Meat CSA Share This Week:

Smoked Chicken and Cornmeal Dumplings: We asked ourselves, "How can we make everyone's favorite comfort food better?" This was the answer. Perfect for the chilly temps we've been experiencing. Just heat & eat!

Breakfast Sausage: Our breakfast sausage is made in-house and it's the perfect companion to eggs, biscuits or toast, and a side of grits. It also freezes well!

Smoked Bratwurst: Our smoked bratwurst, cured to perfection. These tasty brats can be pan-fried, roasted, grilled or boiled. Because they're so flavorful, you don't have to add too much to them. We recommend the classic method of boiling in beer and onions then searing in a pan on all sides until done. Add your favorite winter side dishes and you're ready to go!

Roast Beef: It's time to make a grown-up sandwich. Our roast beef is the perfect match. Try it layered with Swiss and tomato.

Beef Bacon: This hearty alternative to pork bacon is cured in-house, sliced and ready for the pan.

Ham Hock Rillettes: Our farm-to-table version of a deliciously rich spreadable meat. This is perfect for a simple lunch or to create a casual appetizer when entertaining guests. Pull out of the fridge half an hour prior to serving to allow it to soften a bit, and serve on toasted crusty bread or a hearty cracker and garnish with any kind of pickled vegetable if you want a complementary flavor. Enjoy!

Foothills Meat Share CSA

Foothills Meat Share CSA

Pick up your Meat Share on Friday or Saturday at:  Butcher Bar Black Mountain: 12-10pm Butcher Bar West Asheville: 12-10pm Foothills Food Truck: 2-9pm (Fri) 12-9pm (Sat)

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