Want meal inspiration with local, pasture-raised meats? 
We've got you covered with our Foothills Honest Meat Boxes.


Honest Meat Boxes are here to inspire your next meal. Not quite a meal kit, but more like a curated box of meal items. Simply choose your desired theme (Breakfast, Lunch, The 828 Vacation, Grill Box, Charcuterie Snack), place your order, and pick up your meal box on your desired date & location. 

Want to keep regularly stocked with all local meat from small farms? We offer a Butcher's Choice Box subscription program that helps you save money each month on bulk, pasture-raised raw meat. Freezer-friendly, easy to order, simple to pick up.  

Each box has an information card so you can learn more about the goodies inside. Plus, recipes are added weekly to our Blog to inspired confidence in the kitchen.

Charcuterie Butcher Box