Simple. Honest. Meals.

Foothills Honest Meat Boxes are themed meal boxes to inspire breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. With fresh staples and goods from small farms and local NC vendors, our boxes are a great way to make meals easy. 

Choose from a variety of options designed for your family's needs with convenient pick-up locations in Black Mountain and West Asheville. 

Each themed box includes all pasture-raised meats and some additions to round out your meal. 

Easy as...

1. Browse below and buy online. 

2. Select your pick-up time and location (West Asheville or Black Mountain). 

3. Pick up your order. 

4. Let's cook!

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Fire up the grill and enjoy two tiers of delicious, local meats for adults and kids. Our Each tier box feeds approximately 6 people. 

Tier 1 - $32

A crowd-pleaser for kids and teens!

  • 8 house-made hot dogs

  • 6 1/3 pounds of house-ground hamburger patties

  • 1 package of stew beef

  • 6 burger buns

Tier 2 - $45

Step up your grill game with your family and friends. 

  • 2 1/2 pounds of steak- butcher’s choice (6 servings)


Nothing is better than the smell of breakfast when you wake up. Now you can savor every bite. Our local breakfast box feeds 4-5 people and includes: 

  • 1 pound Foothills pork bacon

  • 1 pound Foothills housemade sausage

  • 1 dozen local organic eggs from Darby Farms

  • 1 container non-GMO stoneground grits from Logan Turnpike Mills

Breakfast Box - $27




Simple. Wholesome. Nutritious. Delicious. Lunch should taste like this every day. Our Lunch Boxes are designed for deli sandwiches and include: 

  • Three (3) 1/2 pound packages of Foothills house-made and cured deli meats

  • Butcher's choice of deli meat, rotates with season and availability

The Deli Lunch Box - $20

Add on House Pickles for $3 or Cheese (10 slices) for $5, available at pickup


Charcuterie is the art of cured meats. Let our expert butchers and chefs pack a box of delicious charcuterie for your next dinner date, picnic, or everyday snacking. The Charcuterie Snack Box includes: 

  • A variety of charcuterie to feed 2 people

  • Roots and Branches crackers

  • House made pickles

  • Lusty Monk mustard

The Charcuterie Snack Box - $22




The last thing you want to do is grocery shop while you're on vacation. Whether you're in a vacation home, a hotel suite, or the family cabin, Foothills is here to keep your refrigerator stocked and your group happy during your stay. Our Vacation Box has enough food to feed 4-6 people for a weekend. The 828 Vacation Box includes: 

  • A Full Breakfast Box

  • A Full Deli Lunch Box

  • Two Dinner Grill Boxes (Tier 1 AND Tier 2)

The 828 Vacation Box - $124

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a box in person or over the phone?

Yes, you can order an Honest Meat Box at our butcher bar locations for later pickup, or call (828) 357-7206 and speak to Meg Montgomery, Retail Manager. You will be invoiced at the time of your order. 

WHERE do I pick up my Honest Meat Box?

You can select your preferred location during checkout: Butcher Bar West Asheville or Butcher Bar Black Mountain. You can also designate your preferred location when you place an order by phone or in person. 

WHEN do I pick up my Honest Meat Box?

You can select your preferred pickup during online checkout. Orders are ready within 48 hours but we can set the "ready for pick-up" date to be a specific day and time.  Pick-up is during regular business hours at either butcher bar location. 

How does this work for vacations/hotels/AirBnB's?

Hosting guests? Want to stock a fridge or suite before visitors arrive? Select your pickup location and time to coincide with arrival. We recommend all Honest Meat Boxes are refrigerated immediately after pickup and used within 3-4 days. 

What is your Return/Refund policy?

We cannot accept returned food items due to health code policy and will not refund returned items. If something is wrong with your Honest Meat Box, please call or email and we will be happy to resolve your issue!

Can you deliver or ship Honest Meat Boxes?

At this time, we do not offer delivery or shipping on Meat CSA Boxes or Honest Meal Boxes. We hope to offer delivery very soon! Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news, promotions and sales. 


Enjoy Local Meat All Month Long. 

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