Kenzie Kraebber

director of operations

A Carolina girl through and through, Kenzie has been in the Asheville food scene since the early 2000’s. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Kenzie has been called a “restaurant extraordinaire.” With years of experience working on the line and as a pastry chef, as well as in multiple positions in the front of house, she now knows this business like the back of her hand.

After a few years of being a nomad and traveling to Nashville, TN and New York City, NY,  she has found her way back to Asheville, for what she says is for good. Formerly the pastry chef at Ambrozia Bar & Bistro here in Asheville, NC as well as a short stint at Gray & Dudley in Nashville, TN, she is using her pastry chef level of attention to detail and organization to help the Foothills Team behind the scenes in her final frontier of the restaurant world; as Director of Operations and general creative problem solver.

Kenzie is a lover of chicken liver pâté, rosé, and all dogs