The History of The Hot Dog Eating Contest

Hot dog eating contests are now considered as American as apple pie. According to popular history, it all started back in the late 1860s with a German immigrant and Coney Island resident named Charles Feltman. At the time, everybodywas all about some Coney Island: it was a popular tourist destination, even though it was still a little rough around the edges.

A Salesman Who Grew Bored

Feltman, growing a little tired of his career selling pies out of a wagon, decided to liven things up a bit and test a new market (plus save some money) by putting Frankfurters on a roll so he could avoid giving away plates and silverware. According to legend, Feltman sold nearly 4,000 of his frankfurters (later known as "hot dogs") that summer.

Fast forward a few years. Now operating a small empire of attractions and shops, Feltman had it made. But one of his employees, Nathan Handwerker, decided to open his own hot dog stand. He sold hot dogs for a nickel while Feltman's were sold for a dime, and to make things even more competitive, Nathan was a talented marketer. In the summer of 1916 over Independence Day, Nathan grabbed the public's attention when he decided to hold a hot dog eating contest.

The First Hot Dog Eating Contest...Ever

The first contest was comprised of four men. They were given 12 minutes to eat as many hot dogs and buns as they could. To this day, the famous Nathan's Hot Dogs eating contest at Coney Island has remained the same with the same format.

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